How to Trick Your Dog into Eating Fruits?

Fruits are extremely healthy and hence they quite often fall into the category of food mostly rejected by babies and fur babies alike (Sigh!). But as parents, there are several tricks up your sleeve that you can use to trick your dog to have fruits in the most appetising forms without overdoing it.

Ice Lollies

Dogs absolutely drool over ice lollies. Puree some fruits like watermelon, kiwi or mango after careful peeling and deseeding. Freeze them in interesting molds for your fussy babies. This is a super thirst quencher for hot days.

Mix and Stir

Moderate amounts of bananas are good for growing dogs. You can mix mashed banana in their wet food to provide them a sweet dish minus tantrums. The same can be done for apples and mangoes.

Merry Berry Treats

Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries are superfoods. Occasional feedings can be given by incorporating them into dog biscuits or fresh yoghurt.

Play to Slay

Dogs love to play (Isn’t that the universal truth already!). Fruit treats can be made appetising by using chew toys that house juicy fruits, allowing your pup to sap fruity goodness while playing.

Bake Me a Cake!

Cake is basically a canvas which gives you the freedom to play with your dog’s taste buds while taking care of his/her health. Although it doesn’t offer 100% goodness of raw fruits, it is still a very clever way to add different fruits for dogs who are averse to eating raw fruits. Add in banana, apple, mango or berries to an oatmeal/whole wheat cake for a fruity blast.

Being clever doesn’t necessitate overdosing your fluff-ball on fruits. Offer them only small portions of fruits which are safe for them. Stay away from grapes, raisins, figs, cherries, grapefruits, plums and excessive citrus fruits and coconut. As goes the saying, “Less is more”!

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