JollyWagger Membership Kit May 2020

JollyWagger Membership Kit May 2019 Small Breed Puppies

The May 2020 JollyWagger Membership Kit was packed with exciting products and services that filled every member-dog's month with pure awesomeness. Ok, maybe a little less awesomeness than the June 2020 kit, but a lot of excitement nevertheless.

Here's a peek into what the May Kit looked like. While most of the products were suitable for most dogs, the Toy changed according to the breed size, age and chewing habits of the dog. The Bow Tie was different for male and female dogs. And the Biscuits for puppies and adult dogs were different.

JollyWagger Membership Kit May 2019 Large Breed Adult Dogs

The box also included two Service Vouchers: a Bath Voucher which members could redeem for up to 2 free baths at our swanky partner salons, and a Day Out Voucher which allowed members up to 2 free entries at partner dog parks (with access to their swimming pools).

The packet of Treats from Wagg (made in UK) were totally delightful for all dogs, and we received rave reviews from several members. The Dry Shampoo Foam by M-Pet (a premium Belgian brand which makes totally delightful products) was also loved by most members.

FYI, the June Kit also includes a Vet Visit Voucher, which entitles members to 2 free consultations with leading partner vets in Gurgaon!

And of course, the kit included Food of the member's choice (kibble or fresh kitchen cooked food).

Dog Food in JollyWagger Membership

Members who used up all the services saved 40% or more on pet care in May! 



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