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5 reasons why you shouldn't leave your dog alone

  Dogs are really social animals, and they form a deep attachment to their humans. Dogs don’t just endure human company, they enthusiastically seek it out. It’s safe to say that companion dogs need social closeness with humans, and deprivation of this interaction poses wellbeing concerns for the man’s best friend. Leaving your dogs alone is not only a scientific mistake but an ethical one too. Here are the reasons why: Boredom may result in bad behaviour Lonely dogs, not so surprisingly, get wearied, and a bored dog is a “naughty” dog. To keep themselves entertained, these lonely dogs will find something to do on their own, and you will most likely not like their picks. They may start non-stop barking,...

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10 common food items that are not good for your doggo

   When we bring home a four-legged best friend, we shower them with all our love, cuddles and all things nice. Often times, as our canine friends so beautifully adjust to the family, we forget that they are indeed very different from us.  They need their own cosmetic and care products, toys and most importantly food that is exclusively for them. It is especially important to ensure that we do not feed our pet with food items that could be harmful to them. Here is a list of food items that are quite common in our diet but might be very harmful to our dogs:   Chocolate, Candy or Baked Goods This is the most obvious one. Goes without saying that a...

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4 Reasons For Feeding Your Dog Really Well

  Your dog can be a pooch or a rescue, but feeding your dog right and giving them the right nutrition is essential for her/his well being in the long term. Here is why you should ensure that your dog gets all s/he needs to wag that tail harder next time! YOUR DOGGO IS YOUR FAMILY When you bring home a ball of fluff and cuddles the first time, it may seem like a small addition to your daily routine but soon, as time goes by really fast, you will realize how integral a part of your family your pet becomes. You must take care of a dog just like you would if you had a child, with utmost love...

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