JollyWagger DeepDive #1 - With Pet Specialists in Gurgaon

Welcome to the first episode of JollyWagger DeepDive!

Watch four renowned pet specialists discuss 7 questions which every dog parent grapples with. These are in-depth discussions which bring forth different aspects of each issue, as every expert presents a different point of view based on their own specialty. 

JollyWagger DeepDive #1 Panel of Pet Experts

Detailed Introduction to Panelists

Issues Discussed in DeepDive #1

QUESTION 1: I have a Golden Retriever who loves to go in the car, but just won’t sit quietly. He will keep jumping and shouting and raising hell no matter what we do. Well, what should we do - during short drives within the city and long drives like road trips?


QUESTION 2: What is the ideal vaccination plan for an adult dog? Should all vaccines be given every year throughout the dog’s life?


QUESTION 3: My dog humps everything he finds. It’s not just embarrassing but also worrying me. What can be done?


QUESTION 4: My Labrador’s coat is becoming dull and rough lately though he’s eating the same food and there is no change in routine. What could be the reason?


QUESTION 5: I have a 6 month old German Shepherd. Should I neuter my dog - I’m not too happy about the idea.  If I should, then what’s the right time for it?


QUESTION 6: What is the best way to prevent ticks - tick collar, spot on, tick spray or is there another natural way to avoid ticks and fleas?


QUESTION 7: What is the difference between grain-free food and regular food. Should I give my dog grain-free food? When feeding home food, can I replace grains with Dals and Beans?


Did you find the discussions helpful? If you have any thoughts on the questions discussed, or would like to suggest questions for the next episode of DeepDive, feel free to post in the comments below.

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