About Us

Dog parents put in quite a bit of effort, time and money to care for their furry companions. It’s only the dog’s pure, unconditional love that makes it all worth it.

One of the main reasons that makes keeping a dog tiresome as well expensive is that the pet care industry is not as evolved as, say the childcare industry. It’s hard to find the right pet products, even harder to find good pet care professionals.

JollyWagger Membership Kit

JollyWagger is quietly trying to bring more trust, convenience and affordability to pet care, by brining together genuinely good producers, experts and pet parents in a healthy, thriving ecosystem. Members get access to all the products and services that their dog requires through the month — from packaged or fresh kitchen cooked food, to essential services by the best veterinarians and trainers in town, free visits to premium pet salons, dog parks and pet-friendly cafes, and a regular supply of treats, toys and cool accessories personalized for your dog. Soon, JollyWagger members will have access to medical insurance for their dogs and a whole lot of other services — affordably and conveniently.

JollyWagger currently serves only Gurgaon dogs, but hopefully will come to the rest of NCR and other metros soon. Our team works with pet care professionals to curate products which are premium, safe and delightful.

JollyWagger Founder - Viksit JainNitasha Jain
JollyWagger was founded by Viksit Jain and Nitasha Jain in 2017 to make pet care convenient, affordable and more rewarding — both for pets and pet parents. The focus is on using technology to create trust-based communities of local producers, service-providers and pet parents, to improve quality, affordability and experience. The subscription model creates a symbiotic environment, optimises processes and significantly reduces wastage.