Jolly Wagger For Large Breed Adult Dog With Acana Adult Large Breed 17kg

JollyWagger Membership For Large Breed Adult Dog + Acana Adult Large Breed 17kg

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Get ready to receive a monthly supply of your dog’s preferred food, along with a box full of handpicked surprises. Here's what you can expect in your subscription:

Vet Consultations free with JollyWagger Membership


Free consultation with leading veterinary doctors in Gurgaon. CLICK HERE to view your options.

Swanky Salon Baths Free with JollyWagger Membership


Free baths for your dog at premium salons around Gurgaon. CLICK HERE to view your options.

Access Dog Parks Swimming Pools and Cages with JollyWagger Membership


Chasing balls around the park, skinny dipping in swimming pools and chomping on great food. That’s what weekends will look like now.

New dog treats every month


Delicious, nutritious, all new treats and biscuits every month. Your pupper will swoon over these babies. 

New dog toys every month


Really cool toy that will become your best friend’s new best friend (now, don’t be jealous). Expect a brand new, delightful, durable toy every month.

Premium Grooming Products with JollyWagger Membership


High quality home grooming products to keep that gentledog well groomed every day. Premium, safe and a 100% treat for the senses — both yours and your dog’s.

Cool Dog Accessories with JollyWagger Membership


A little this and a little that to make your doggo look their best. Carefully selected accessories to dress up your dog when he or she steps out.

Birthday Surprise for your dog with JollyWagger Membership


Expect a surprise on your dog’s birthday. We’ll help make the day more special for your kiddo (provided you are subscribed at the time)

Free invites to cool JollyWagger parties


Free invites to rocking parties hosted by us at nice venues around Gurgaon. You will not want to miss these, neither will your dog.

Discounts on doggie stuff across down with your JollyWagger Membership


Get exciting discounts at Jolly Wagger partners across Gurgaon.

More doggie services coming up as a part of your JollyWagger Membership


More exciting services are in the pipe line. They will either get added to your subscription automatically, or you will be given an option to add them when they are launched.

We'll call you

Once you subscribe, we'll call you to get to know your dog better and create a detailed profile in our system. This helps us curate the perfect set of products for every dog.

You can call us

If you have queries or special requests, feel free to call us at 8800 162 564 even before you place your order. You can also chat with us by clicking the icon on the bottom right corner of this page.

This subscription is stuffed with so much value and convenience - the only thing that makes it possible is our love for dogs.
Subscribe now to upgrade your dog's lifestyle, make caring for them more organised, and spend more quality time with them!